Tips to Avoid Your Horse being Sunburnt this Summer

Anyone who has ever owned a horse with a white face or nose knows that the beautiful summer sun can be your biggest nemesis. How do you keep your horse's nose from being red, burned, and scabbed?

You could leave your horse inside during the hours of 10 am to 4pm, when sun is the harshest. But what if your horse lives outside or you cannot control turnout times?

Have you tried waterproof sunscreen lotion? Sunscreen sticks? A muzzle? If you've ever tried to put lotion on a horse's nose, you know that they are not fans of having it rubbed all over their noses.

As the owner of multiple horses with white noses, I have found the best way to prevent your horse from getting sunburn. (How adorable is this <-- guy?!) It is easy, inexpensive, and you don't have to worry about running to the barn every morning (and afternoon) to put sunscreen on your horse's nose.

Use a long nose fly mask or nose mask! While it is not exactly advertised as providing sun protection, I have been using Cashel's Crusader Fly Mask with Long Nose for years and it is awesome at keeping the sun off their noses while also keeping flies off of their eyes! If your horse goes out with a halter on and doesn't necessarily need a fly mask, try the nose mask that easily connects right to your halter (make sure it's a break away type!).

As a bonus, while sunburn doesn't lead to melanomas, as it does in humans, it can lead to other infections and carcinomas. Stay tuned for more information about horse skin cancer.

Do you have any other tips to keep sun off of your horse's nose? Send us your tips and we will add them to the post!

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