Some of the Best Horse Apparel Products Around

Need to know what some of the best items for the horse rider are? Look no further - check out the complete list of our favorite items below.


Need a new pair of riding gloves? These Heritage Performance Gloves are great for those that need a pair of gloves that will last longer and work better than anything else on the market.

Why are these the best? They are sturdy, comfortable, and are true to fit. I am on my second pair in about four years and they are still working great. No holes in the fingertips, the seems are still intact, and the color has remained true even after riding in the sun. They are similar to Heritage Premier Show style, but the top material is nylon spandex instead of leather.

Get a great pair of gloves at a great price! They also make a great pair of winter riding gloves so you can maintain the soft feel with your horse even when it's freezing out!


This One K Defender helmet is the best helmet around. After having tried all of the top brands and never having one that fits well, I finally found this One K years ago and am on my second one (remember, you should get a new helmet after every fall/everytime you drop it - most companies offer a trade-in program to help keep costs down).

This helmet fit my head perfectly and the lining does not shrink, so there is no risk of the helmet fitting after weeks of riding. Bonus: the lining can be taken out, washed, and easily snapped back in. Another bonus: they sell different linings in different fill amounts, so you can easily customize the fit no matter the shape of your head.

While they are pricy, you only have one brain, so #mindyourmelon. Plus, they come in stylish colors/finishes, have different visors available, and keep your head cool, even after riding for hours.

Tall Boots

These Ariat Vortex Tall Boots are the most comfortable tall boots - ever! After having worn many other tall boots and having to wear them in for days before actually riding in them, let me tell you with these boots, I was able to ride (and walk...) in them from the first time I put them on. Even after walking or riding in them all day, it feels like you have sneakers on.

They have comfortable insoles, a great grip on the bottom of the soles, and a really sturdy zipper on the back. I was cautious about the zipper because all of the boots I have had in the past were pull on, and I have heard disaster stories about how zippers break, are hard to zip, etc. I have never had a problem with these zippers ever!

I have had them for years now and they have held up great. Clean easily and hold their shape (with boot trees) really well.

Paddock Boots

I love these paddock boots! I am on my forth pair in about 10 years. Now while that may not seem like they last that long, I wear my paddock boots every day, all day, in every weather, for every job. The only thing wrong with them after all that wear is that I get a small hole at the seam near the stitching at the toe. I could probably have them repaired, but I usually just purchase a new pair. They do start out a little stiff, but then they really mold to your foot after a few days.

Some of my favorite features of these boots - 1) they have a rounded toe instead of a pointy one...more room for your toes make your feet happier, 2) the side zipper never slips down even after wearing them all day, 3) the sole is very sturdy, 4) they sit just below your ankle so they never cut into your ankle (every while riding), and 5) they are waterproof and made of quality leather.

We will let you know some more of our favorite products later on, but for now, check out these before you buy your next helmet, gloves, tall boots, or paddock boots.

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