Why, "The Honest Horse"?

Thank you for visiting the site and we really hope you are able to learn more about your horse's nutrition, supplement needs, and overall health. It helps to know the reason a site like this is started and I'm sure the story is not unfamiliar to many of you.

I have five horses:

1) 29 year old Paint - ex-upper level eventer,

2) 26 year old Quarter Horse - 4H and hunter show horse,

3) 19 year old Appendix - hunter show horse,

4) 18 year old Quarter Horse - Montana ranch horse turned dressage horse, and

5) 10 year old Thoroughbred - dressage horse

(Yes, it is a bit of a geriatric center, but once we have a horse, they're on the farm for life). All of the horses still live active lives, whether it be teaching lessons to new riders or going to competitions. They all live outside 24/7 in a herd together in the upper East coast.

That said, winters in our area are hard. We have sub-zero temperatures, feet of snow every year, mud, rain, sleet - repeat. While the horse's have adapted very well to the changing weather for five months out of the year, unfortunately my oldest horse's knee arthritis and weight loss is not as easily managed. It came time for his joint and weight gain supplements to be refilled and I was at a loss of what to do. I was paying a fortune for his supplements and wasn't really seeing any improvement. Therefore, I decided to do a little comparison to see what would be the best supplement for him.

Little did I know, there are so many joint and weight supplements on the market. It was hard to find out which was the best for him - there was no chart or simple way to look through all of the supplements available. That is where the idea for The Honest Horse came to fruition.

I filtered through the top supplement companies to the companies that not many have heard of. In the process, I learned that much of what I was feeding my horses was redundant and I was actually over supplementing certain vitamins and minerals, which could lead to adverse side effects.

Please look through the site, read the articles based on what type of horse you have, determine the best care and nutrition for your horse, and made an educated purchase. What might be best for your horse and their diet may not actually be the top brand (and that's okay). Every horse is different and every supplement can help them in a different way.

We are always working to add new supplements to the comparison tables so you can easily find and purchase the supplements you need. We are working to make the tables even more user- (and mobile-) friendly and help you find the easiest place to purchase the supplement.

By knowing what your horse is putting into their bodies, you can help them be healthy and happy for many years to come. Whether it be a young foal or older senior, we believe that all supplements should have the chance to make your horse healthy.

We look forward to helping you and your horse!

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